A Variety of Pull-Out Shelves | Drawer Replacement in San Francisco, CA

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Custom made Roll Out Shelves and Drawer Box replacement.

Create more storage space and easier access to your cabinetry with high quality Roll Out Shelves.
We will measure your cabinets, manufacture the product, and install them perfectly. Contact us to learn more.

"Having just moved into a new condo, we have worked with several vendors over the last few months and Perry is one of the best! He is professional from start to finish. His responsiveness, punctuality and quality are impressive. Thanks to Perry, our kitchen cabinets are now highly functional, with additional storage recognized. Great quality shelves and expert installation that I know will stand the test of time."

- Amy T., 3/30/2016

Brown and White Roll-Out Kitchen Shelves | Drawer Replacement in San Francisco, CA

Full-Service, Custom-Made Storage Solutions

Improve your kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, closets, tool rooms, or add roll-out shelves for a variety of creative applications. Make a false drawer functional, turn a closet into a pantry, or transform an area into something more useful for your lifestyle. Roll Out Shelves takes on-site measurements to make and install new roll-out shelves at an affordable price. Hardwood drawer boxes can be made in any size you choose. Most installations are usually completed within a day.

Roll-Out Shelves

Get easy access to your favorite pieces or most-used items with full-extension, heavy-duty rollouts. You can also make more space out of an otherwise non-usable area with U-shaped roll-out shelves around sink pipes, closet conversion, or drawer replacement. Roll-out shelves are custom made to fit your cabinet.

Drawer Replacement

Improve your cabinets by rebuilding them from the inside with new drawer boxes. We remove old drawers and install new ones while using the same front as your old drawer if preferred.

High-Quality Construction

You can expect only the best wood in our construction materials; we never use any particleboard or melamine. All of our roll-out shelves are made with quality materials and cost much less than you might think.

Solid and Sturdy

Drawers are built from solid wood and plywood veneers with dovetail-glued corner construction. The bottom of the drawer is a one-half-inch thick, nine-plywood veneer slotted into all four sides of the drawer box. The Accuride®, a 100-pound full extension slide made from heavy steel with a quick release and brake, is standard on all of our drawers and roll-out shelves.

Sustainable Wood

Feel better knowing your shelves are built with woods that all come from managed forests. Our sustainable products are approved by Forest Check.